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Introduction of Opening an Account

  • Information on Opening an Account
    • Customers who wish to open a futures trading account need to possess years of futures trading experience and be familiar with different types of futures contracts. He or she should also have considerable risk control capability and no bad credit record.

    • Customer should present personal or corporate bank account in Hong Kong. (Preferably customers should activate their bank accounts' online banking function.) Mainland Chinese customers can open a Hong Kong bank account through two ways: 1. Come to Hong Kong in person to open an account with a valid permit for travelling to and from Hong Kong and Macao or the passport and a proof of the residential address; 2. Some mainland banks' branches can help customers opening a Hong Kong bank account but this may require a longer time period.

    • Due to the limitation set by current regulations, mainland companies are unlikely to open an account with a Hong Kong bank. Generally, these companies will set up a limited company in Hong Kong with the same name and open a bank account with a Hong Kong bank through that company.

  • How to Open an Account
    • Method 1 (recommended)
      Bring all relevant identification documents and come to our Firm in Hong Kong in person during office hours to apply for a bank account in front of our licensed clerks.

    • Method 2
      Online Application for Account Opening: If a CSI staff opens an account for a customer remotely, the staff is required to explain to the customer about the terms and conditions of the account opening and potential risk exposure via a telephone system equipped with a recorder. After the customer is informed about the terms and conditions of the account and the potential risk exposure, he or she is required to sign an account opening and risk disclosure document for confirmation and at the same time provide a check amounting to HK$10,000 or above drawn on a registered Hong Kong bank, indicating the customer's name. The signature on the check should be exactly the same as that on the account opening document. After the check is cleared and transferred successfully, the identification of the customer is then confirmed.

  • Bank information
    BankHSBC, Hong Kong
    Account NameCITIC Securities Futures (HK) Limited – Global Futures (Client)
    Swift codeHSBCHKHHHKH
    Beneficiary Account No.848-073821-838
    Bank AddressThe Hongkong and Shanghai Banking
    Corporation Limited
    1 Queen’s Road Central
    Hong Kong

    Beneficiary Account No.848-073821-838
    Beneficiary Information / By OrderFurther Credit to CSF-Global Futures Client A/C XXXXX
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